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The community council are aware that:

  • The neighbouring site “Dovesdale” has a live planning application to build an energy recovery plant at any given time. 
  • That Viridor has submitted a Pre application consultation Notice for an Energy Recovery Facility at Overwood.
  • That Viridor are using the PAN notice to gather information from the local community prior to the application being made and they are taking on board comments made by members of the public, both positive and negative. 

As a community council involved in the previous Dovesdale application we are aware of the many issues surrounding the current PAN application. They are following guidance from the Scottish Government in using the PAN notice. The current political, technical and ecological landscape has changed in relation to this new proposed application and once again we will seek to understand the drivers behind the application at this time.

The community council have agreed that until a formal application is made (although it is anticipated to be late Spring early Summer)  the community council will continue to gather  factual information from an independent perspective from various external sources such as East Lothian Council, SEPA, Dunbar Community council , Lammermuir Community council,  Planning Aid Scotland, Viridor  etc to allow it to make an informed decision when the actual application is made. 

It should be noted that the community council have to operate within South Lanarkshire council’s scheme for community councils  and code of conduct which indicates that :

a) We are required to be Objective taking account of information which is provided to us or is publically available and to assess it whilst laying aside personal opinions. 

b) The Community Council must also be open about our actions, representations and give reasons where appropriate and must not be unduly influenced by the views of others.

c) In addition, we have a duty to take decisions solely in terms of the interest of the community as a whole.

So, in short, any decision we make is what we determine to be in the best interest of the village and will be done when the actual planning application is lodged. 

Please note :

We have included below any responses received from the above mentioned parties as well as information received from other organisations which may be helpful.

South Lanarkshire Council planning pages as well as our page under planning outline the process for objecting to an application when it is made and a link to their site is as follows.


Action Group Information

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
DAC Letter to Stonehouse CC 24.2.21.pdf26 March 2021257kB
Letter to SLC Viridor scoping report 1.3.21.pdf26 March 2021338kB
Viridor Transparency_.jpg26 March 20211.19MB

East Lothian council Information

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08_00467_FUL OFFICERS 1920970.pdf26 March 20211.47MB
ELC response to FOI on Dunbar ERF.pdf26 March 2021308kB
link to dunbar application.docx26 March 202112kB
Section 75 at Dunbar.pdf26 March 2021376kB

MIscellaneous Information

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FOI SEPA regards Dunbar Plant.docx26 March 202113kB
further information links.docx26 March 202113kB
Planning Aid Sccotland Question on Section 75.pdf26 March 2021833kB
RCE 13_for_web_with_security.pdf26 March 2021264kB

 A Reporter's Guide to Planning Appeals & Development Plans 

The community council attended a webinar held by Planning Democracy covering the above title to gain some understanding of the reporters position when undergoing an appeal . Dan Jackman (reporter) gave an outline of the considerations and questions they take into account when an item is referred. Listed below are the planning Democracy leaflets on appeal and judicial review as well as a list of questions and answers from the event.

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
PD_HOW TO RESPOND_MAR20.pdf83327.pdf06 April 2021799kB
PD_JUDICIAL_FEB20.pdf06 April 2021321kB
QA DPEA April 2021.pdf14 May 2021388kB
QUESTION ANSWERS.pdf06 April 2021119kB
Video transcript Dan Jackman 30.3.21.pdf14 May 2021234kB

Pre Application Notice Information

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1. PoAN Form Overwood.pdf26 March 202140kB
2. Site Location Plan Overwood.pdf26 March 2021180kB
application pdf.pdf26 March 20212.72MB

Viridor Information

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19734_Viridor Overwood NEWSLETTER APRIL 21.pdf04 April 2021527kB
Dunbar ERF Annual Environmental Report 2019 V2.pdf26 March 2021401kB
Overwood ERF Emission Limits.pdf26 March 2021120kB
Overwood ERF SCC 090321.pdf26 March 2021387kB
Questions asked of viridor.pdf26 March 2021165kB
Stonehouse CC.pdf27 March 2022127kB
Viridor Overwood Newsletter 020221.pdf26 March 2021547kB