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Stonehouse Community Council

In 2000 South Lanarkshire Council disbanded all community councils in their area and set out a new scheme for the creation of community councils within their local authourity area. The scheme can be found by clicking on the following link. Scheme-for-the-Establishment-of-Community-Councils-2020.pdf

Once a community council was created a working constitution had to be agreed with South Lanarkshire Council. The constitution agreed for stonehouse is laid out below.

This constitution was agreed in 2000 Constitution/scheme-for-community-councils-2000.pdf

Following Triennial elections during 2011 the newly elected members agreed to amend the constitution and this was put forward to South Lanarkshire Council in early January 2012 and was agreed by the community council liason officer. the constitution is a follows. constitution final 2011.pdf.

In 2014 South Lanarkshire consulted and implemented an amended scheme for community councils. this new scheme implemented a whole new set of rules and obligations on community councillors as well as set out a code of practice for community councillors to follow.