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Stonehouse Community Council

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Housing waiting list numbers 20231031 Robert Freel 1.doc22 November 2023136kB
Appendix 2 FOI qA1472740.pdf03 September 20232825kB
Appendix 1 FOI qA1472740.pdf03 September 202355kB
L230830PA Letter to Robert Freel Stonehouse CC FOI qA1472740.pdf03 September 2023120kB
Housing stock QA1472900 Final Response.docx03 September 202322kB
SLLC FOI questions on lifestyles cafe and vending.pdf23 July 20234935kB
Stonehouse Hospital Clinics Post Covid Freel February.doc.docx23 February 202314kB
Stonehouse Hospital Clinics Pre Covid Freel February.doc.docx23 February 202314kB
Stonehouse Hospital Clinics Freel February.doc23 February 2023149kB



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20080827 Executive Committee Stonehouse Integrated Community.pdf02 March 202320kB
Correspondence from Community Council.docx19 October 202224kB
FOI Requests Kear.pdf19 October 2022543kB
FOI response potential sites for Stonehouse lifestyles.pdf02 March 202397kB


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FOI response Electric vehicles in Council fleet.pdf23 November 2021138kB
Response Mr Robert Freel Stonehouse Hospital Development A38.pdf23 November 202150kB

2021 (Overwood)

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08_00467_FUL OFFICERS 1920970_Dunbar.pdf28 February 20211.47MB
ELC response to FOI on Dunbar ERF.pdf28 February 2021308kB
Section 75 at Dunbar.pdf28 February 2021376kB


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Additional pharmacy Freel March.doc28 February 202170kB
AF GGC PT ax paperwork abbreviated.pdf28 February 2021160kB
Copy of Bedding Baskets info.xls28 February 202133kB
Larkhall to Stonehouse Rail Study Appendices.pdf28 February 20212.58MB
Larkhall to Stonehouse Rail Study_Final Report A3046371.pdf28 February 20215.07MB
Letter to Robert Freel re Stonehouse pharmacy process May.docx28 February 202139kB
Pharmacy in Stonehouse Freel Feb 1 Reply.doc28 February 202168kB
Pharmacy in Stonehouse Freel Feb Flowchart 1.doc28 February 2021110kB
Response Stonehouse Community Council Local Plan Removal of .docx26 June 202198kB


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bins.pdf02 February 2021453kB
foi street cleaning.pdf02 February 20211790kB
legacy planning appendix 1.pdf02 February 2021107kB
legacy planning appendix 2.pdf02 February 202147kB
roads reports.pdf02 February 2021313kB
Hanging basket and flower bed costs.pdf02 March 20231639kB
roundabout for Hospital site.pdf02 March 2023711kB


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bt yahoo mail fw alexander hamilton memorial park.txt02 February 202112kB
edu foi 2018 03 response.pdf02 February 2021107kB
legacy planning applications committee report.pdf02 February 202195kB
planning applicationshm0470 0471 0487 0136.pdf02 February 2021712kB
Stonehouse Hospital Section 75.pdf01 October 20216765kB
Section 75 Strathaven 14 0296.pdf01 October 20219185kB
Section 75 Strathaven Robertson Homes LS Smellie and SLC.pdf01 October 202113850kB
Strathaven Section 75 linked to EK 12 0003 1.pdf01 October 202111099kB


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foi response mr robert freel retrospective planning applications.pdf02 February 2021482kB
traffic chicane.pdf02 February 2021723kB


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foi 35 2016 robert freel response leisure trust.pdf02 February 2021791kB
foi housing.pdf02 February 20211403kB
stonehouse hospital development.pdf02 February 2021738kB
Alexander Hamilton Memorial Park Expenditure.pdf28 February 20212809kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
edu foi 2015 120a response.pdf02 February 202146kB
foi ref 21706 december 2015 write offs.doc02 February 202194kB
foi response robert freel parking.doc02 February 202180kB
foi response robert freel.doc02 February 202180kB
new house to school pupil ratio cllr dorman.pdf02 February 2021201kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
decision.zip02 February 2021326kB
decision120 2012.pdf02 February 2021360kB
foi active health programme.pdf02 February 20211933kB
nhs foi clinics.pdf02 February 20212145kB
nhs foi vs.pdf02 February 20211363kB
number of clinics.pdf02 February 20211328kB
x ray statistics.pdf02 February 20212156kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
appendix 1 lease arrangements sllc.pdf02 February 20214993kB
danmore house response.doc02 February 202127kB
Groups Hiring hall.pdf14 March 20212265kB
SEPA FOI RESPONSE 2.pdf14 March 2021827kB
SEPA FOI RESPONSE.pdf14 March 2021203kB
DG FOI RESPONSE001.pdf14 March 2021944kB
Halls FOI.pdf14 March 2021255kB
Play equipment.pdf14 March 20211448kB
Waste Meetings SLC Scotgen.doc14 March 202147kB
SLC dovesdale.pdf08 April 20211552kB
SLC Dovesdale 2.pdf08 April 20212060kB
Hospital Radiology.pdf08 April 20211985kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
ahmp foi 2009.pdf02 February 20211341kB
foi play eqyupment ahmp.pdf02 February 20211158kB
Hall cost comparisons.pdf14 March 20212511kB
Land areas maintained by SLC.pdf14 March 20212296kB
Houseing stock repairs and questionnaires.pdf14 March 20211735kB
HOusing Land maintained by SLC grounds maint..pdf14 March 20214646kB
Neuk Play Park.pdf14 March 20212092kB
AHMP Nov 2009.pdf14 March 20211410kB
bus shelter violet Cres.pdf14 March 20212326kB
SLC hall letting Lists.pdf08 April 20211842kB
Capital and Revenue budgets Halls.pdf08 April 20211084kB
Reinstatement of roads following utility works.pdf02 March 20232016kB
AHMP equipment inspections.pdf02 March 2023624kB
verge grass cutting schedule.pdf02 March 2023565kB
Maintenance budget for Park.pdf02 March 20231425kB
Request for review of Info provided for Halls.pdf02 March 20232575kB


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FOI Development Trust.doc14 March 202133kB
SDT Discussions with SLC.pdf08 April 202117.2MB
TAMU letting Policy.pdf08 April 20211.01MB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
FOICHall.pdf09 April 2021744kB
FOIReviewSLCResponse.pdf09 April 2021300kB
Lighting at AHP.pdf09 April 202166kB
Plangain.pdf09 April 2021102kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Hall size and lets.pdf02 March 20231.13MB
Hospital outstanding Planning applications.pdf09 April 20211.58MB
Ultrasound at Hospital.pdf09 April 20211.72MB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
tilework park lane from sidehead road.pdf02 February 2021749kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
colinhill farm s.75 1.pdf02 February 20216492kB
foi response robert freel section 75 planning agreement.pdf02 February 20211095kB
legacy planning appendix 1.pdf02 February 2021167kB
legacy planning appendix 2.pdf02 February 202143kB
legacy planning applications committee report.pdf02 February 20211419kB
lethame rd s75.pdf02 February 20219136kB
response mr robert freel stonehouse hospital site.pdf02 February 2021747kB
section 75 east overton.pdf02 February 20214081kB