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Major works commencing on 17th July to upgrade sewers.  Refer to news section of website for details

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Boag Road Sandford Road Closure 181023.pdf03 September 2023151kB
Road Closure Notice B7078 Lairs Bridge Carlisle Rd Blackwood.pdf03 September 2023486kB
Manse Road Stonehouse Bridge Inspection Closure.pdf03 September 2023232kB
Caledonian Avenue Stonehouse road closure Notice.pdf20402.pdf14 August 2023228kB
Manse Road Stonehouse closure Notice august 2023.pdf23 July 2023250kB
Millheugh Larkhall closure Notice August 2023.pdf23 July 2023530kB
Millheugh Road Stonehouse closure Notice SW works.docx14 July 20232238kB
Queen Street Stonehouse closure diversion route.docx14 July 2023491kB
Queen Street Stonehouse closure Advert.doc14 July 202349kB
King Street Stonehouse waiting restrictions Advert.doc14 July 202349kB
Manse Road Stonehouse closure Notice July 2023.doc07 July 2023380kB
Lockhart Street Stonehouse closure Notice July 2023.doc28 April 20232424kB
Udston road Stonehouse Closure Notice.doc28 April 20232231kB
Manse Rd closure Notice May 2023.doc30 March 2023400kB
Responce on Canderside Toll.pdf23 February 20231932kB
Lockhart Street Stonehouse closure Notice February 2023 manh.doc222332.doc07 December 2022695kB


December 23rd road closure

On 1/12/22 South Lanarkshire Council made the above named Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended, which will make it unlawful for any person to drive or cause or permit to be driven any motor vehicle on A71 Ayr Road, Stonehouse between Canderside Toll and Lockhart Street. The Order will be in operation from 23/1/23 until 27/1/23.  The closure will only be in effect from 20:00 until 06:00 on one night within this period as the works are weather dependent and may need to be adjusted at the time.

Reason: This is to allow anti skid surfacing to be undertaken. This has been programmed to be carried out overnight. While the closure has been raised to cover 5 nights, the work is weather dependant and will only take 1 night within this period.

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A71 Ayr Rd Stonehouse Advert January 2023.doc07 December 202250kB
A71 Ayr Road Stonehouse diversion route Jan 23.docx07 December 20221MB
Vicars Road Stonehouse Advert extension 2022.doc20 October 202249kB


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wildflower rich grassland pilot report october 2012.pdf02 February 20212.52MB


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Manse road speeding response to Cllr Campbell.pdf02 March 20232.54MB


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Canderside toll markings.pdf02 March 20231.55MB