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Stonehouse Community Council

Kear SEBN Campus Replacement

(A proposal by SLC to replace school with a new build at Stonehouse Union Street)

The Community council meeting scheduled for 17th October will discuss this item as part of their agenda.

A representative of theeducation department has been confirmed as attending, our elected councillors have also been invitted as have our MSP and MP.

The agenda can be obtained from the following link;




On 21st September 2022 the community council were advised by Councillor Cooper that a paper was going to the Executive commitee of South Lanarkshire council for approval.  That  report  was dated 31st August and was approved by the Executive council on 21st September 2022.  The report (102 pages) which was item 8 of a 14 item agenda was headed

Proposal for a New Social, Emotional and Behavioural ,Needs (SEBN) Secondary School Building (Kear School).  

The report sought that the committee approve the following:

approve, in principle,

(1)   the proposal to establish a new SEBN secondary school building to replace Kear School; 

(2)  approve the proposed site preference of Stonehouse;

(3)  note the requirement to undertake a statutory public consultation; 

(4)  note the intention to fund 50% of the project via a bid into the Scottish 

Government’s Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) with the remaining funding via developer contributions; and 

(5)  note that should the LEIP funding bid be unsuccessful, the project would not progress at this time. A further review may take place within the context of the wider capital programme in future years. [1recs] 

This report was approved and was the first communication that the community council had received on the matter. The CC will at its next meeting discuss ths matter. We have now obtained a copy of the report.

To date the CC has invited our elected members and the executive director of education to attend our next meeting scheduled for 17th October at Stonehouse Lifestyles and requested answers to a number of questions which are contained in this block.  As the CC gathers information on the proposal it will add to those already posted.

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Item 2 Proposed floor plan.pdf15 October 2022137kB
Item 3 H223 Union Street Watstone Road Stonehouse Desk Study.pdf15 October 20224.38MB
KEAR Site Research for New Kear Campus 10 10 2022.pdf15 October 2022164kB
New School report .docx02 October 202228kB
Questions regards kear Camous replacement.docx02 October 202223kB