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Commenting on a planning application

Only include valid planning issues

Planning will only deal with comments about valid planning issues. Some examples of these are:

  • policies and proposals in the local development plan/strategic development plan
  • layout and density of development
  • design, appearance, materials
  • overlooking/loss of privacy
  • loss of light or overshadowing
  • drainage/infrastructure
  • effect on character of listed buildings or conservation areas
  • nature conservation
  • parking
  • road safety
  • traffic generation
  • noise and disturbance
  • odours
  • government policy

Invalid planning issues

The following examples are not valid comments and cannot be taken into consideration when assessing a planning application:

  • loss in the value of your house or property as a result of the development
  • an opinion that there is no need for the development e.g. having enough hot food take-aways in the area already
  • boundary or neighbour disputes
  • loss of a private view
  • health issues
  • commercial/business competition
  • the identity of the applicant
  • where the development has commenced or been completed (in advance of the application for planning permission)
  • moral issues in connection with, for example, betting shops, public houses, amusement arcades

More independent advice and information on the planning process and on making representations to planning applications can be found on the Planning Aid for Scotland website or planning democracy web site. 

Two of the planning democracy booklets  are contained on our useful information page and the following link is how to respond to a planning application. ./PD_HOW-TO-RESPOND_MAR20.pdf83327.pdf.

Further information on Planning democracy presentations regards NPF 4 can be found here./file/Planning-Democracy/21.12.07-NPF4-Presentation-to-Planning-Democracy-Annual-Gath.pdf

South Lanarkshire Council website provides details on the planning process. Here is a link to SLC planning pages.


Please note that since the introduction of the applications on the SLC web site the community council has stopped posting the applications and will only post large planning applications in relation to the villageor where an objection has been made.

All planning applications can be viewed at SLC web portal

2017 to 2010 provides the details of the weekly planning applications lodged with South Lanarkshire council. Further information on individual planning applications can be found on South Lanarkshire councils web site. All objections to planning applications should be made to the planning officer named on the planning application.

23-0770 Land East of Toftcombs (Railway cutting)

Follwing a pre consultation excercise the above application has now been submitted to SLC Planning. 

Submissions must be made to SLC and the plans can be viewed by cuting and pasting the following link to your browser.  Comments  can be made on line

There are 18 documents relating to this application and these can be accessed from the above link however we have  attached 3 below along with our letter commenting on the application.




This is a new application being made following the withdrawl of the previous application when no agreement could be reached on a section 75 agreement. Please bear in mind that planning persmission has previously been given for this site and housing numbers for the local plan include these.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
23 0770 Comments on land west of toftcombs.pdf14 July 2023243kB
P_23_0770 PRE APPLICATION_CONSULTATION_REPORT 5365110.pdf07 July 20234.22MB
P_23_0770 PRESENTATION_SITE_LAYOUT 5365111.pdf07 July 20236.84MB
P_23_0770 SUDS_AND_DRAINAGE_STRATEGY_REPORT 5369814.pdf07 July 20236.14MB

22-0537 Bed and Breakfast Manse Road

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
P_22_0537 PROPOSED_ELEVATIONS 5178726.pdf23 May 202266kB
P_22_0537 PROPOSED_FLOOR_PLANS 5178725.pdf23 May 2022178kB
P_22_0537 PROPOSED_FLOOR_PLANS 5184782.pdf23 May 2022294kB
P_22_0537 PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN 5178723.pdf23 May 2022133kB





File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
ELEVATIONS 5178618.pdf23 May 20222.76MB
EXISTING_LOCATION_PLAN 5178619.pdf23 May 2022200kB
EXISTING_SITE_PLAN 5178620.pdf23 May 2022154kB
GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN 5178616.pdf23 May 2022140kB
PROPOSED_LOCATION_PLAN 5178621.pdf23 May 2022201kB
PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN 5178622.pdf23 May 2022192kB
UPPER_FLOOR_PLAN 5178617.pdf23 May 2022143kB

Strathaven road Pan Notice

Notice has been received from Miller Homes that they have submitted a PAN notice for Strathaven Road site (field next to Lifestyles) .

This site has a pre existing planning permission in principle already passed.Please note the virtual

Miller Homes Limited and G1 Land Investments Ltd [the applicants]
Strathaven Road - Stonehouse
We are pleased to enclose for your information, a copy of our Proposal of Application Notice, dated 23rd September 2021, that relates to our proposed development at Strathaven Road.
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, guidance has been issued by the Scottish Government, on the temporary suspension of the requirement for public events in relation to pre-application consultation (PAC) and on both the effect of the Town and Country Planning (Miscellaneous Temporary Modifications) (Coronavirus) (Scotland) Regulations 2020, which temporary suspends the holding of public events, and moving to an alternative online consultation process.
A Virtual Public Exhibition will take place from Wednesday 20th October 2021, until Friday 19th November 2021 with a live two- way chat session taking place on the 25th October 2021 between 2pm until 4pm, and then from 6pm until 8pm. Our event and webpage, can be accessed via:

The aim of this event being to answer any questions or queries that may arise. A comments sheet will also be available and contact details of the team will also be made available for off line enquiries to be raised.
As you will appreciate, our Proposal of Application Notice, is the start of the planning process, with our intention being to lodge our detailed planning application during the Autumn of 2021.
Yours sincerely
On behalf of Miller Homes Limited

Robert McKinnon

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
SGL C454e 221092911341 1.pdf25 October 2021357kB
SGL C454e 221092911361 1.pdf25 October 202159kB
Stonehouse PAN Location Plan.pdf13 October 2021146kB

2021 Overwood

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1. PoAN Form Overwood.pdf04 February 202140kB
2. Site Location Plan Overwood.pdf04 February 2021180kB
P_21_0147 CONSULTATION_RESPONSE_ _SCOTTISH_WATER 4966580.pdf09 February 20211.39MB
P_21_0147 EIA_SCOPING_REPORT_ _OVERWOOD_P1 4964487.pdf09 February 2021373kB
P_21_0147 EIA_SCOPING_REPORT_ _OVERWOOD_P2 4964489.pdf09 February 20218.59MB
P_21_0147 EIA_SCOPING_REPORT_ _OVERWOOD_P3 4964490.pdf09 February 2021424kB
P_21_0147 EIA_SCOPING_REPORT_ _OVERWOOD_P4 4964492.pdf09 February 20219.88MB
P_21_0147 LOCATION_PLAN018_REV_A 4962831.pdf09 February 2021180kB
Stonehouse CC.pdf27 March 2022127kB
Stonehouse Community Council January 2021.pdf04 February 2021167kB
Viridor Overwood Newsletter 020221.pdf04 February 2021547kB

2021 Avondyke

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
P_21_0150 A_LOCATION_PLAN 4962994.pdf15 February 2021220kB
P_21_0150 ELEVATIONS 4963424.pdf15 February 2021141kB
P_21_0150 EXISTING_ANM_PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN 4963422.pdf15 February 2021224kB
P_21_0150 FLOOR_PLAN_AND_PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN 4963421.pdf15 February 2021122kB
P_21_0150 OUTBUILDING 4963418.pdf15 February 202133kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
lockhart place closure advert.pdf02 February 2021397kB
p_20_1268 application_pdf 4905059.pdf02 February 2021575kB
p_20_1268 location_plan 4906316.pdf02 February 202117kB
p_20_1268 site_plan 4905554.pdf02 February 2021134kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
dovesdale latest planning application p19.docx161854.docx02 February 202114kB
p 19 1076.zip16194.zip02 February 20214.75MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
objection letter final.doc02 February 202146kB
slurry.docx02 February 202122kB



File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
elevationand plans.pdf02 February 2021487kB
report.pdf02 February 20211.63MB


East Mains Stables

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
plan.pdf02 February 20211.86MB
supporting info.pdf02 February 20212.83MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
12 16jan 1.pdf02 February 202187kB
2 6 feb.pdf02 February 202191kB
2 6mar.pdf02 February 202196kB
20 24apr.pdf02 February 202187kB
23 27feb.pdf02 February 202190kB
26 30 jan.pdf02 February 202179kB
309_001_1_rev_a 1017027 1.pdf02 February 2021343kB
309_001_2 1017015 1.pdf02 February 2021326kB
309_100_2 1017016 1.pdf02 February 2021619kB
309_101 1017028 1.pdf02 February 20212.23MB
309_102 1017029 1.pdf02 February 20212.26MB
309_103 1017030 1.pdf02 February 20211.25MB
309_104 1017034 1.pdf02 February 20211.75MB
309_106 1017017 1.pdf02 February 20211.58MB
309_107 1017018 1.pdf02 February 20212.05MB
309_108 1017019 1.pdf02 February 20211.41MB
30mar 02apr.pdf02 February 202193kB
4 8may.pdf02 February 202190kB
5 9jan.pdf02 February 202179kB
6 10apr.pdf02 February 202188kB
9 13mar.pdf02 February 202184kB
consultation request notification_730441.pdf02 February 202180kB
hm_15_0487 officer_report 3805225.doc02 February 20213.88MB
location_plan 1016408 1.pdf02 February 2021292kB
location_plan 1016418 1.pdf02 February 2021286kB
location_plan 1024062 1.pdf02 February 202190kB
objection letter final.doc02 February 202151kB
objection letter.doc02 February 202151kB
p plans 1.pdf02 February 2021802kB
p plans.pdf1675.pdf02 February 20211.18MB
part change of use.docx02 February 202119kB
r supporting information.pdf02 February 2021115kB
support letter final.doc02 February 202146kB
support letter final.doc16739.doc02 February 202146kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 5sep 1.pdf02 February 202188kB
10 14feb.pdf02 February 202155kB
11 15aug.pdf02 February 202184kB
13 17jan.pdf02 February 202144kB
13 17oct 1.pdf02 February 202196kB
14 18apr.pdf02 February 202183kB
14 18jul.pdf02 February 202186kB
15 19dec.pdf02 February 202189kB
15 19sep.pdf02 February 202184kB
16 20jun.pdf02 February 2021100kB
17 22nov.pdf02 February 202185kB
18 22aug.pdf02 February 202184kB
2 6jun.pdf02 February 202189kB
20 24jan.pdf02 February 202142kB
20 24oct 1.pdf02 February 202186kB
21 25apr.pdf02 February 202189kB
21 25jul.pdf02 February 202185kB
22 24dec.pdf02 February 202174kB
22 26sep 1.pdf02 February 202186kB
23 27jun.pdf02 February 202191kB
24 28feb.pdf02 February 202168kB
24 28nov.pdf02 February 202183kB
25 29aug 1.pdf02 February 202196kB
27 31jan.pdf02 February 202149kB
27 31oct.pdf02 February 2021102kB
28 02may.pdf02 February 202190kB
28jul 01aug.pdf02 February 202183kB
29 31dec.pdf02 February 202165kB
3 7feb.pdf02 February 202150kB
3 7mar.pdf02 February 202175kB
30 04jul.pdf02 February 202193kB
4 8aug 1.pdf02 February 202190kB
5 9dec.pdf02 February 202199kB
5 9may.pdf02 February 202186kB
6 10jan.pdf02 February 202149kB
6 10oct 1.pdf02 February 202196kB
7 11apr.pdf02 February 202196kB
7 11jul 4 1.pdf02 February 2021101kB
8 12sep 1.pdf02 February 202187kB
hm 14 0492.doc02 February 202131kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 5 jul.pdf02 February 202165kB
1 5apr.pdf02 February 202142kB
10 14jun.pdf02 February 202167kB
11 15feb.pdf02 February 202159kB
11 15mar.pdf02 February 202162kB
11 15nov13.pdf02 February 202161kB
13 17 may.pdf02 February 202165kB
14 18jan[1].pdf02 February 202155kB
15 19apr.pdf02 February 202155kB
15 19jul.pdf02 February 202151kB
16 20sep.pdf02 February 202151kB
18 22feb.pdf02 February 202150kB
18 22mar[1].pdf02 February 202149kB
18 22nov.pdf02 February 202156kB
19 23aug.pdf02 February 202150kB
2 6dec.pdf02 February 202135kB
2 6sep.pdf02 February 202154kB
20 24may[1].pdf02 February 202155kB
21 25jan.pdf02 February 202147kB
22 26apr.pdf02 February 202169kB
22 26jul.pdf02 February 202171kB
23 27sep.pdf02 February 202148kB
24 28jun.pdf02 February 202157kB
25 1mar.pdf02 February 202161kB
25 28mar.pdf02 February 202155kB
25 29nov.pdf02 February 202157kB
26 30aug.pdf15407.pdf02 February 202156kB
27 31may.pdf02 February 202154kB
29 02aug.pdf02 February 202157kB
3 7jun.pdf02 February 202143kB
30sep 04oct.pdf02 February 202136kB
31dec 4jan[1].pdf02 February 202130kB
4 8feb.pdf02 February 202153kB
4 8mar[1].pdf02 February 202156kB
4 8nov.pdf02 February 202146kB
6 10aug.pdf02 February 202143kB
6 10may.pdf02 February 202138kB
7 11 oct.pdf02 February 202157kB
7 11jan.pdf02 February 202164kB
8 12apr.pdf153938.pdf02 February 202187kB
8 12jul.pdf02 February 202151kB
9 13sep.pdf02 February 202162kB
agricultural storage plan.pdf02 February 2021992kB
appendix 1 1.xls02 February 202135kB
decision notice grant permission in principle loch park.doc02 February 202151kB
hm090617 block plan lochpark.pdf02 February 20211.29MB
local plan 2013 response.doc02 February 202136kB
location plan knowetop.pdf02 February 20211.56MB
shed.pdf02 February 20211.12MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 5oct.pdf02 February 202148kB
10 14sep.pdf02 February 202160kB
11 15jun.pdf02 February 202168kB
12 16mar.pdf02 February 202168kB
12 16nov.pdf02 February 202147kB
13 17aug.pdf02 February 202143kB
13 17feb.pdf adobe acrobat.pdf02 February 202153kB
14 18may12.pdf02 February 202176kB
15 19oct.pdf02 February 202149kB
16 20april.pdf02 February 202163kB
16 20jan.pdf02 February 202156kB
16 20jul.pdf02 February 202161kB
19 23mar.pdf02 February 202174kB
19 23nov.pdf02 February 202163kB
2 6apr.pdf02 February 202172kB
2 6jan.pdf02 February 202137kB
2 6july.pdf02 February 202169kB
20 24aug.pdf02 February 202166kB
20 24feb.pdf02 February 202150kB
21 25may.pdf02 February 202170kB
22 26oct.pdf153029.pdf153037.pdf153029.pdf02 February 202170kB
23 27apr.pdf02 February 202161kB
23 27jan12[1].pdf02 February 202166kB
23 27jul[1].pdf02 February 202152kB
26 30nov.pdf02 February 202162kB
27 31aug.pdf02 February 202159kB
27feb 02mar.pdf02 February 202166kB
28apr 01jun.pdf02 February 202165kB
3 7dec.pdf02 February 202157kB
3 7sep.pdf02 February 202160kB
30apr 04may.pdf02 February 202167kB
30jan 03feb.pdf02 February 202168kB
30jul 03aug.pdf02 February 202160kB
5 9mar.pdf02 February 202164kB
5 9nov.pdf02 February 202164kB
6 10aug.pdf02 February 202161kB
6 10feb.pdf02 February 202149kB
7 11may.pdf02 February 202147kB
7 11may.pdf95851.pdf02 February 202147kB
8 12oct.pdf02 February 202165kB
9 13apr.pdf02 February 202151kB
9 13jan.pdf02 February 202141kB
9 13jul.pdf02 February 202167kB
doc51[1].pdf02 February 2021646kB
doc52.pdf02 February 2021537kB
doc53.pdf02 February 2021633kB
doc54.pdf02 February 2021720kB
public institute.pdf02 February 202164kB
r comments from david dorricot.pdf02 February 2021114kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
12 16dec.pdf02 February 202157kB
14 18nov[1].pdf02 February 202153kB
19 23dec.pdf02 February 202173kB
21 25nov.pdf02 February 202168kB
26 30dec.pdf02 February 202131kB
28nov 02dec.pdf02 February 202141kB
31oct 4nov.pdf02 February 202158kB
5 9dec.pdf02 February 202165kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
10 14may.pdf02 February 202194kB
12 16jul.pdf02 February 202170kB
14 18june.pdf02 February 202188kB
19 23jul.pdf02 February 202152kB
24 28may.pdf02 February 202172kB
26 30april.pdf02 February 202175kB
3 7may.pdf02 February 202178kB
31may 4jun.pdf02 February 202164kB
5 9jul.pdf02 February 202169kB
7 11jun.pdf02 February 202172kB
dcweeklylist 17 to 21 may.pdf02 February 202167kB

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