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Anti Skid work at Canderside Toll Cancelled till March

Anti Skid work at Canderside Toll Cancelled till March

Added at 13:26 on 13 January 2023

The planned anti skid works at Canderside toll have been cancelled. the following is an extract from the email received after raising concerns on the accident that occured on Saturday 7th January 2023.

"We are aware that there was an incident  at Canderside Toll over the weekend but we are not aware of the cause or circumstances relating to the accident although there is a possibility that low sun glare may have been a factor.  I can advise you that Councillor Frame has also been in contact regarding the change of date of the works and a response has been forwarded to her.

This type of work is extremely weather dependant and therefore there is an increased risk of material failure when the road surface is wet and the temperatures are low. There is a strong likelihood of weather conditions not being favourable during January especially as the works are scheduled for overnight and therefore it may not be prudent to carry out the works within the originally proposed timescale. A decision has been made to defer the works until March 2023 when there is a better window of opportunity and it is less likely that the road temperatures will drop to a level where the material cannot be laid.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with a definitive date at the moment as we are currently in discussion with our contractors to re-programme the works.  As soon as we have a new commencement date I will issue the details to everyone.

With regards to Candermill Road, this would not be the preferred or proposed diversion route due to it’s width and geometry, in particular the narrow bridge, however we are unable to prevent drivers using this route if they choose to do so. Under normal use this road does not require the installation of passing places and therefore we would not propose to install any at this time.

I trust that the aforementioned information addresses your enquiry"