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SLC Executive committee 21-09-2022: Proposal for SEBN in Stonehousel

SLC Executive committee 21-09-2022: Proposal for SEBN in Stonehousel

Added at 08:02 on 28 September 2022

The community council received notification from Councillor Cooper on 21st September  that a report dated 31st August had been approved by the Executive council. The report (102 pages) which was item 8 of a 14 item agenda was headed

Proposal for a New Social, Emotional and Behavioural ,Needs (SEBN) Secondary School Building (Kear School).  

The report sought that the committee approve the following:

approve, in principle,

(1)   the proposal to establish a new SEBN secondary school building to replace Kear School; 

(2)  approve the proposed site preference of Stonehouse;

(3)  note the requirement to undertake a statutory public consultation; 

(4)  note the intention to fund 50% of the project via a bid into the Scottish 

Government’s Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) with the remaining funding via developer contributions; and 

(5)  note that should the LEIP funding bid be unsuccessful, the project would not progress at this time. A further review may take place within the context of the wider capital programme in future years. [1recs] 

This was the first indication that the community council had received any onformation on this matter and will at its next meeting discuss ths matter.

The following link is provided to the report received. If link does not work please cut and paste to your browser