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Stonehouse Community Council

SPT take no action on Saturday service to Strathaven

Added on 17 September 2011

Stonehouse to Strathaven Saturday Service

SPT at its operations committee meeting on 02-09-2011 made a decision that no action be taken to provide a subsidised service for this route, SPT however stated that the MyBus rural three valleys service was available for use.

Stonehouse community council therefore encourages members of public in Stonehouse and Strathaven who wish to commute between the two towns on a Saturday morning to register for this service. In order to register for this service call the booking line on 0845-123-5046 and register for the service then telephone on a Friday to book your Saturday journey. Booking line is open from 09-45 to 1600. Bookings can be made up to 2 hours before travelling however it is recommended to book the day before.

Stonehouse community council would like to hear from Members of public who encounter problems when trying to book this service in order that they can feed this back to the elected members and SPT.