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Stonehouse Community Council

Update on items discussed on Monday 17th October

Added at 16:09 on 19 October 2022

Following our meeting on Monday night we have carried out the following:

Kear School Replacement

We have written to the education department seeking dates of when we can meet to discuss this matter following their offer to meet after puling our from attending the CC meeting.

Scottish water Townhead and vicars Road

We have written to Scottish water seeking an update and were advised the following

Coincidentally we had planned to issue an update to stakeholders and local press so the information was to hand.

The Townhead Street road closure is being extended until Sunday 4 December. This is because of unchartered services. It is a relatively short extension – around a week – but we appreciate it is not ideal. We are sorry, but we will do all that we can to minimise disruption and complete the necessary work as quickly as possible.

Work is due to start in Vicars Road from Monday 31 October and be completed by mid-December.

An update should be with you very shortly.


We have written to SLC seeking copies of surveys carried out when the lifestyles hall was being considered.

Lifestyles Hall

We have written to SLLC and asked a number of question regarding the library, cafe, hall use and social work kitchen. As soon as we have a response we will post on the website / take  to next meeting .