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Police Consultation on Strategy

Added on 19 March 2017

Policing in Scotland has a long and successful record of adapting to the changing demands and needs of people and communities. We are now setting out for consultation our proposed 10 year strategy, developed collaboratively by the SPA and Police Scotland, to ensure that Scottish policing remains fit for the future.

Policing has undergone major change in recent years with the transition to a single service. Despite the scale of the change, the most significant in policing in more than a generation, communities have continued to benefit from a service which has performed strongly through the activity of both local and national resources.

However, Scotland’s communities continue to diversify and grow, and the needs of people in society are changing. Demands on policing are growing as the world around us changes at rapid pace. In order to meet the evolving needs of all Scotland’s communities we must also continue to change. Our draft strategy sets out why we must change, what will change and how we will make the change happen.

Why We Are Consulting

The strategy is a draft version.  We are seeking your views and input to help us shape the final publication.  We want to meaningfully involve our communities, our staff and our stakeholders in the future delivery of policing services.

We are reaching out in a pro-active way, ensuring the broadest and most diverse range of recipients possible have the chance to inform and influence our final strategy.  We have made it as easy as possible for you to submit responses, via this digital platform.

Both the draft strategy and consultation are available on our website: -

Alternatively you can respond in writing to:

Policing 2026 Consultation

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